Paintbrush in Hand, Cat Hair in Paint, Total Mess on Canvas


Back, Belatedly, With a Fuzzy Apple (Still) in Progress

That part where I said that being back at work after the holidays is not remotely conducive to blogging? Yeah, that. Oh well. I will do better from here on in! Or out, whatever the phrase is. Hmm, am I still even allowed to tag this “postaday2011” given that I have failed so dismally at this pathetically early stage in the proceedings?

But anyway… where was I? Oh yeah. I posted my attempt at painting an apple a week or so back, and mentioned that I was scared to do anything else to it as at least it vaguely resembled a (grey and white) apple at that point. But then over the weekend I thought “what the hell” and decided to try to make it, y’know… apple-colored. At this point I realized that the orangey burnt sienna background I’d already painted on there was going to result in an invisible apple if I wasn’t careful, so I slapped a load of white over it just so I’d be able to see what I was doing without losing the apple while painting! Then glooped a load of reds and orangey colors onto the canvas, with the result you see below. Then I thought I’d use up some green paint that was sitting on my palette to redo the background yet again… this is the reason for the fuzzy area around the edges of the apple. I need to paint over it yet again in a few days, this time getting rid of that fuzzy edge… and, of course, finally giving the poor apple a shadow to stop it floating in minty-green space.

Well… it looks kinda appley, doesn’t it? Just a bit… flat. And that light reflection is awful, I will have to fix that!



Going back to work is just not very conducive to blogging, it seems. Only four days into the New Year and I’ve already failed dismally in my attempt to post every day. It’s all so much easier when I have nothing to do but sit around the house drinking tea, painting badly and contemplating what to cook for dinner. Getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark and thinking gloomily how it’s almost time to go to bed… yeah, that isn’t so great. The Husband bought us a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions draw last night (for some reason he always gets REALLY excited when the jackpot goes up to some insanely high amount, as if it’s not worth buying a ticket when the jackpot is “only” a few piddling million), but he didn’t pick the numbers very well because instead of being newly-minted gazillionaires this morning, we are merely a few dollars worse off than we were previously. Oh well.

I have nothing to post about right now and have to get ready for work. I do have comments to reply to, though (thank you for wandering by, lovely commenters!)… this will happen about 12 hours from now when I come back from my day of tedium. Blech.

A Bit More Done, A Bit More Messed Up!

OK, so I now have the whole canvas covered in… something! What is going on in that foreground, I have no idea, and I’ve succeeded in messing up the hills in the background quite horribly. I’ll have to figure out how to fix them. Not now, though… I think I’ve officially had enough for today! Back to work tomorrow. Ugh.

Hmm… if I squint REALLY hard I quite like it. Then I open my eyes and the effect is ruined! Sooo many things that are totally… ugh!… about this. But oh well.

Coffee, Ginger Nuts, and Ginger Cat…

… plus an unexpected appearance from a very interested stripy tiger, just as I was about to take the photo. I managed to grab the ginger nuts JUST before he got to them. And very yummy they were, too.

The Mess Progresses… Kinda

So this is this morning’s efforts. Green splodginess with little idea of what it is I’m supposed to be doing to make that foreground look like, well… anything. Right now what it looks like is an ugly, incoherent, ridiculous mess. It really does look like something hanging on the wall of a primary school classroom. Wait, make that infant school. Ick. Not quite sure what to do to turn it around and stop it becoming even more of a disaster than it currently is.

I should have got MUCH more done (messy or otherwise) but… what can I say? The WordPress tag surfer is a thief of time. As is the WordPress iPhone app, which has just had me gnashing my teeth repeatedly while trying to accomplish the simple task of taking a photo and posting it from my phone. The app doesn’t want to play nice, and instead hangs infuriatingly while uploading the photo every… single… time. Well, OK, after about the tenth attempt it finally worked, but… ugh! I don’t have the patience to deal with that thing.

Oh well. I need to clean my palette. It’s a big muddy mess of sludgey greens and browns, and I should probably wipe them all off so I don’t give in to “well since that paint is on my palette, I might as well just use it, right?” syndrome…

So Today I Was Feeling a Bit Landscapey…

And this effort-in-progress is the latest state of affairs. Blurry iPhone photo, looks even worse than it does on the canvas, but… oh well. Obviously there is still a huge amount to do, although right now I am… stuck. As a reference I was using a photo (another iPhone one, which doesn’t help) that I took somewhere along the Tennessee/North Carolina border when we had a break in the Smoky Mountains in September. The photo reference really doesn’t help though, as it printed out so dark that it loses all the interesting details I wanted to remember and try to capture. The whole foreground is just a big dark splodge in the printed photo, pretty much, which keeps me running back to my laptop to try to remind myself why I even liked the photo in the first place. Not that I’m trying to copy the photo (I’m led to believe that is a bad idea, and in any case, I’m not remotely capable of copying a photo, so…!), you understand, but… there’s not much point looking at one if it’s missing all the details that led me to take it in the first place. Oh well! Also, I keep reading all these oil painting books and researching all this stuff online, and when I read it I think “Ahh! I get it now! Yes, I must do that next time!”… but as soon as I break out the paints, I just go “Yeah, whatever” and brush off (so to speak) all that invaluable advice I’ve attempted to absorb, and the results are… well, the results are a bit like you see below. Sigh.

Rather surprisingly (to me, at least), the Husband claims to like this one, and thinks it’s “coming along nicely”… whereas I’m having flashbacks to painting scenes with Christmas trees in 20-something years ago.

Still… mess or no mess, I’m actually enjoying myself. Which means I will stick at it, right? And maybe… hopefully… if I’m lucky… get a tiny bit better… right?!

Isn’t Anything…

In which our fearless (or should that be hopeless, useless or brainless, perhaps?) “artist” discovers that — who knew — there really is a lot more to making those pretty abstract paintings she so admires than just slapping a load of bright paint all over a waiting surface and slopping it around a bit. It’s bloody difficult. Another garish and abysmal mess in progress…