Paintbrush in Hand, Cat Hair in Paint, Total Mess on Canvas

So Today I Was Feeling a Bit Landscapey…

And this effort-in-progress is the latest state of affairs. Blurry iPhone photo, looks even worse than it does on the canvas, but… oh well. Obviously there is still a huge amount to do, although right now I am… stuck. As a reference I was using a photo (another iPhone one, which doesn’t help) that I took somewhere along the Tennessee/North Carolina border when we had a break in the Smoky Mountains in September. The photo reference really doesn’t help though, as it printed out so dark that it loses all the interesting details I wanted to remember and try to capture. The whole foreground is just a big dark splodge in the printed photo, pretty much, which keeps me running back to my laptop to try to remind myself why I even liked the photo in the first place. Not that I’m trying to copy the photo (I’m led to believe that is a bad idea, and in any case, I’m not remotely capable of copying a photo, so…!), you understand, but… there’s not much point looking at one if it’s missing all the details that led me to take it in the first place. Oh well! Also, I keep reading all these oil painting books and researching all this stuff online, and when I read it I think “Ahh! I get it now! Yes, I must do that next time!”… but as soon as I break out the paints, I just go “Yeah, whatever” and brush off (so to speak) all that invaluable advice I’ve attempted to absorb, and the results are… well, the results are a bit like you see below. Sigh.

Rather surprisingly (to me, at least), the Husband claims to like this one, and thinks it’s “coming along nicely”… whereas I’m having flashbacks to painting scenes with Christmas trees in 20-something years ago.

Still… mess or no mess, I’m actually enjoying myself. Which means I will stick at it, right? And maybe… hopefully… if I’m lucky… get a tiny bit better… right?!


3 responses

  1. Well you came to see me so I’m here and I absolutely LOVE art and anyone who is brave enough to attempt it in any form. I’m no expert (in anything) but I did enjoy this piece, and why? Keep in mind, I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who didn’t see the original scene or really know what you wanted to project. Having said that, I felt your background landscape and sky was very nicely done. The foreground is unfinished, right? So I don’t really have an opinion as it could look completely different when you’re done. So there. My unsolicited but hopefully not unwelcomed opinion. I’m putting you on my RSS feeds because I want to ride along on your painting adventure!

    January 3, 2011 at 1:44 am

  2. it does have a certain appeal if you look at it they way you would look at an abstract painting. 🙂

    January 3, 2011 at 8:53 am

  3. I think it has a certain appeal when viewed from, say… 20 feet away…. when squinting so hard my eyes are almost shut… OK, best close them altogether just to be on the safe side. Then face the other way. Yeah, then it doesn’t look so bad! Oh well… maybe the next one will be better!

    And Terri… you’re right, the foreground isn’t finished… well, most of it isn’t finished, but the foreground has great gaping spaces that I’m not quite sure how to fill. This morning I have put a lot of little greenish and brownish splotches in, which look nothing like foliage, and everything like a load of little greenish and brownish splotches. Hmm.

    Thanks for coming by and looking, both… and thanks for the comments! I will post back with my, erm, “progress”, later. 🙂

    January 3, 2011 at 11:26 am

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